Advertising ith Us (in Low Cost)

Please Read The Terms Before Creating Your Ads On OnlyRemix.In

1) First Register On Our Website And Complete Your Registration With Email Verfication.

2) Login With Username & Password To Your Account.

3) Complete Your Profile Details in Profile Edit Menu.

4) Now Create An Ad Campaign with Multi Options. (Ad Size : 320x50 , 300x250) (Ad Cost Type : CPC , CPM)

5) For Run Your Ad Campaign You Need To Add Money To Your Account. Minimum Deposit Amount Is 20 Rs.

6) Ad Banner/Cover Should Be Less Than 1Mb . (Not Any Nudity , Fraud , Jumbler AD Cover Will Be Accepted)

7) After Succesfully Creating Your AD Campaign It Will Be Pending For Admin To Approve To Run.

8) Cost Per Click (CPC) Ad Rates 1 Click = 1.25 Rs!

9) Cost Per Impression (CPM) Ad Rates 1000 Impressions = 25 Rs!

10) Your Ad Campaign Will Be Approved In 1-2 Hours . If You Want Quick Then Contact Support Team.

11) You Can Get 100 unique Clicks = 125 Rs AND 1000 Imprssions = 25 Rs

12) You Can Promote Your YouTube Channel , Youtube Videos , Facebook Profile , Page , Group , Video , Instagram Profile , Instagram Video Reels , Twitter Tweets , Blogs , URLS , Websites , Links And More.

13) You Can Get Traffic On Your Website. You Can Sell Your Items, Shops , Lands , Rents .

14) You will Get An E-mail Of Your Every Approved Ad Camapign. In This Mail You Will Get AD Campaign Description And Costs.

15) Now Lets Begin ... Get Ready To Get Traffic...

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